Extended Mappings

Nearly 20 leading external vocabularies and ontologies are linked to by KBpedia, with the first two playing a more prominent role. This listing of mappings is:

DBpedia Ontology This ontology, an extension of the base DBpedia knowledge base, is meant to be an organizational framework over the information in Wikipedia infoboxes. There are about 750 types in this ontology.
Dublin Core Dublin core, and its metadata extensions, is a generalized vocabulary for describing conceptual works, developed by the library community. It is a widely used core vocabulary across many domains.
Bibliography Ontology This generalized bibliographic ontology is used to describe books and periodicals; it is the most widely used bibliographic schema.
Creative Commons Links to Creative Commons open source and other licenses.
Description of a Project (DOAP) A general vocabulary for describing projects.
Event Ontology This ontology is centered around the notion of event, seen here as the way by which cognitive agents classify arbitrary time/space regions.
Friend of a Friend FOAF is a project devoted to linking people and information using the Web based on social networks, representational networks, and information networks.
FRBR This vocabulary for the Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records is a recommendation of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) for how to structure catalog databases to reflect the conceptual structure of information resources.
Geo Geo is a vocabulary for representing latitude, longitude and altitude information in the WGS84 geodetic reference schema.
Music Ontology MO is a vocabulary for describing music-related topics (i.e., artists, albums and tracks).
Open Organizations OO is a vocabulary that provides supplementary terms for organizations wishing to publish open data about themselves.
Organization Ontology The Organization Ontology is a core ontology for organizational structures, aimed at supporting linked data publishing of organizational information across a number of domains.
Programmes Ontology The Programmes Ontology is a simple vocabulary for describing media programs. It covers brands, series (seasons), episodes, broadcast events, broadcast services, etc
RSS Ontology This simple vocabulary is for describing RSS feeds.
SIOC The SIOC initiative (Semantically Interlinked Online Communities) is a vocabulary for the integration of online community information.
Time Ontology The OWL-Time ontology is a vocabulary of temporal concepts, for describing the temporal properties of resources in the world or described in Web pages.
TRANSIT TRANSIT is a vocabulary for describing transit systems, routes, stops and schedules.
US PTO The US Patent and Trademark Office provide links to millions of organizations and brands that have sought or received trademark protection from the US government.

The base KBpedia also includes entities mappings (organizations only) to Freebase and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) databases. Since these are not full mappings, they are not included in the statistics for the base KBpedia.