OpenCyc Not Online

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As of March 2017, Cycorp, the developer of OpenCyc, ceased online support for its knowledge base. The company has indicated it may offer a cloud option in the future for research or educational purposes, but the date and plans are unspecified.

You may use the UMBEL links to compensate for the loss of these OpenCyc online links, since many of the UMBEL links also used by KBpedia were themselves derived from OpenCyc. We had already removed most upper level dependencies on OpenCyc in the initial development of KBpedia.

OpenCyc was first released in 2002. It was a notable contributor to semantic technologies for 15 years. The latest version of OpenCyc (not supported by Cycorp) may still be obtained for local use. KBpedia will continue to use its own local version of OpenCyc 4.0, since it is a useful contributor to proven subsumption relationships within the knowledge graph. It informs many of the typologies used in KBpedia.

If you have a local copy of OpenCyc, the OpenCyc URIs provided by browsing KBpedia may still be used to retrieve that item from your local store.

Should Cycorp again make its concept documentation available online, KBpedia may re-establish live links at that time. Fortunately, the loss of the online version of OpenCyc does not adversely affect KBpedia in any way.

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