KBpedia Statistics

These are the KBpedia statistics as of version 1.51. Please note that interim releases may have altered these statistics. Actual values will vary as a function of elapsed time since this last-reported release.

Measure Value
No KBpedia reference concepts (RCs) 53,437
No. mapped vocabularies 27

Core knowledge bases 6

Extended vocabularies 21
No. mapped classes 158,835

Core knowledge bases 156,170

Extended vocabularies 1,665
No. typologies (SuperTypes) 63

Core entity types 33

Other core types 5

Extended 25
Typology assignments 372,967
No. of "triples" in KBpedia ontology 1,717,695
No. aspects

Direct entity assignments 59,509,116

Inferred entity aspects 196,272,497
Total no. entities across sources 24,489,018
No. unique entities related to any RC 14,060,103
Inferred no. of entity mappings

Total no. of direct assertions 85,715,829
Total no. of inferred assertions

Total no. assertions 2,221,730,984


The base KBpedia also includes entities mappings (organizations only) to Freebase and the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) databases. Since these are not full mappings, they are not included in the statistics for the base KBpedia.